Dean's Decree No. 17/2023 - Conditions and Course of Admission to the Bachelor's Degree in English Language at the Music and Dance Faculty, Academy of Performing Arts in Prague

Article 1 Introductory Provisions

In accordance with Articles 18 and 19 of the Statutes of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, the Dean of the Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (hereinafter referred to as HAMU) hereby announces the following rules for the admission procedure and conditions for admission to the full-time Bachelor's degree programme in English in the academic year 2024/2025. 

Article 2 List of open study programmes at HAMU for the academic year 2024/2025

Studies in English are subject to a fee in accordance with the current Dean's Decree.

Study programme Dance Pedagogy in specialisations:

- Classical Dance

- Modern and Contemporary Dance

- Folk Dance

Article 3 Admission Procedure

Article 4 Admission procedure rules and conditions for admission to study

Article 5 Alternative dates of the entrance examination

Article 6 Publication of the results of the admission procedure

The Dean shall issue a decision within 30 days of verification of compliance with the conditions. After receiving the decision on admission or non-admission to study, the applicant has the right to consult his/her file, always by prior arrangement with the HAMU Study Department on a specific date for consultation. The applicant is obliged to present his/her identity document before the inspection of the file, and the study department will draw up a report on the inspection process.

Article 7 Specific conditions for the admission of foreigners to study programmes conducted in English

The admission procedure shall be conducted in English. Applicants are required to prove their proficiency in English according to the CEFR as a condition of admission to studies in English (the exception is applicants whose native language is English). Applicants must prove their knowledge of English according to the CEFR at level B1 during the admission procedure.

The required proof is either:

(a) an official international examination certificate from an accredited institution (assessed by the AMU Language Training Centre); or

b) a document (matriculation certificate) of completion of secondary education accredited in English in the Czech Republic or secondary education accredited in English abroad; the document must meet the conditions set out in the Annex to the Decree.

Without fulfilling this condition, the applicant cannot be issued a decision on admission to study.

Article 8 Final provisions

Prague, 29 June 2023

prof. Ivan Klánský,
Dean of HAMU

List of obligatory supplemets to the application form for bachelor studies in the academic year 2024/2025

Candidates for studies will fill in the electronic application form completely and send it to the faculty's information system. The required attachments are sent in paper form by post or submitted via the AMU mailroom.

Obligatory supplemets:
1. An officially certified proof of the highest level of education attained - matriculation certificate, or

2. A certificate from the secondary school's studies department indicating the expected date of the matriculation examination (after graduating from secondary school, the applicant shall deliver an officially certified copy of the matriculation certificate to the studies department. HAMU);

3. A professional CV;

4. A medical certificate of medical fitness to study for the Dance Pedagogy study programmes in the Czech language or officially translated into Czech.

Other mandatory attachments to the application if the applicant has completed previous education at a foreign secondary school:
The applicant must attach one of the following documents to the application:
a) A proof of general recognition of the equivalence or validity of the foreign document of secondary education in the Czech Republic (so-called nostrification, see


b) A proof of the award of the European Baccalaureate or

c) A foreign document of foreign secondary education with a matriculation examination if it is automatically equivalent in the Czech Republic according to its international obligations without further official procedure (matriculation certificate from Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia); or

d) A foreign document of foreign secondary education, which was obtained by completing studies in a secondary education programme at a foreign secondary school operating under the legislation of a foreign state and which entitles its holder to access to study in a bachelor's degree programme or a master's degree programme which is not related to a bachelor's degree programme in the foreign state in question, which the AMU itself will assess, see This is subject to a fee.

Documents provided are not returned. All documents are required in Czech (officially translated into Czech) or English (Slovak is also possible).


31. July 2023


Conditions of admission to the bachelor's study program Dance Pedagogy.pdf (34.5 KB)