Year-end and graduation concerts from 22.3. 2021

Dear students,

In connection with the current pandemic situation in the Czech Republic, I have decided as follows on the matter of year-end and graduation concerts, effective from Monday 22 March 2021, until further notice:

- year-end concerts – The concerts for the 2nd and 4th years of study are cancelled without replacement. Students of these years will receive a pass grade in the subject Concert Practice from the head of the relevant department. The department may find an alternative solution for these students (e.g. a longer year-end final exam).

- graduation concerts – Concerts of the 3rd and 5th years of study will take place from 22 March 2021 on dates and in compliance with the schedule agreed upon with the department of Artistic Affairs of HAMU. Concerts will take place without audience only in the presence of the graduate, an accompanist, graduate’s teacher of the main subject and the oponent. Regarding recording of these concerts please contact the HAMU Sound studio.

Just like you, we look forward to better times and full auditoriums.

Prof. Ivan Klánský
Dean of HAMU

19. March 2021