Instructions of the Dean of HAMU on faculty operations from 15.3.2021

Dear students and esteemed colleagues,

Based on current epidemic situation in the Czech Republic and in connection with the Rector’s notice regarding the operations of AMU still effective starting Monday 15 March 2021 the Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague will be operating under following instructions:

a) Individual consultations: all years of study of all study rogrammes with teachers of the main field in the format of at most 1 teacher, 1 student and, if necessary, 1 accompanist.

b) Preparation for individual consultations: in the format of at most 1 student and, if necessary, 1 accompanist. Students can only use the classrooms or practice rooms of their department. Students will not be allowed to borrow classroms / practice rooms without reservation and will not be allowed to enter the campus.

c) Teaching of all theoretical subjects: remains in remote (online) format for all years. Teachers may use the faculties technical facilities for these lessons.

During their entire stay in the faculty buildings, the teachers and students are obliged to maintain all hygienic directives, in particular based on the Rector’s notice effective from 25 February 2021 covering their mouth and nose WITH A RESPIRATOR (this does not apply to wind and brass instrument musicians and singers when performing), social distancing of at least 2 metres and regular hand sanitizing.

Other technical/ organisational/ administrative instructions:

HAMU campus will be accessible from Monday 15 March till Friday 19 March 2021 thusly:

All concerts and other artistic events at HAMU remain cancelled. More information HERE.

On-site administration will be restricted to the most urgent support. Homeoffice is preferred during this week, essetial personnel will be present at HAMU campus for necessary time periods only.

Essential consultations between instructors and administrative staff will be held via phone or email communication only. Essential meetings will be held online.

The Study Department will be accessible during student opening hours on Tuesday and Wednesday from 10 am to 1 pm, on Thursday 10 – 12 am and 2 - 4 pm

Operation of the faculty including the administration is governed by the PES HAMU systhem.


prof. Ivan Klánský,

Dean of HAMU

12. March 2021