Year-end and graduation concerts

Dear students,

In connection with the current pandemic situation in the Czech Republic, I have decided as follows on the matter of year-end and graduation concerts, effective from today, 1 March 2021, at least until the end of the current state of emergency, i.e. until 21 March 2021 inclusive:

- year-end concerts – The concerts for the 2nd and 4th years are cancelled without replacement. Students of these years will receive a pass grade in the subject Concert Practice from the head of the relevant department. The department may find an alternative solution for these students (e.g. a longer year-end final rehearsal).

- graduation concerts – Concerts of the 3rd and 5th years are cancelled from Monday 1 March until Sunday 21 March 2021 inclusive. Please speak with Mr Jiří Vlček, head of Artistic Operations, on moving them, i.e. setting a make-up date. Graduate concerts from 22 March on remain at their agreed times.

Just like you, we look forward to better times, and I apologise deeply for the complications caused.

Prof. Ivan Klánský, Dean of HAMU

1. March 2021