AMU Gallery

The AMU Gallery (Galerie AMU or “GAMU”) resides in Malostranské Square right next to the Rectorate of the Academy. It was founded in 2008 and has since provided a venue primarily for showcasing the work of students and graduates across AMU. The most frequent events are class exhibits of the FAMU’s Department of Photography and the Centre for Audiovisual Studies. Over time, the Gallery started to develop its own curator concept of periodical annual cycles, focusing on one of the art forms taught by AMU’s Faculties every time. GAMU’s long-term pursuit is to offer both artists and the general public authentic works of art through a programming plan that is based on the qualities of the largest art university in the country while reflecting on the creations of artists across generations, genres and means of expression. The Gallery creates an open and welcoming atmosphere that fosters understanding for contemporary art. Its current director is visual artist Petr Krátký.

In 2020, the Gallery in cooperation with curator Viktor Čech prepared a programme focusing on the role of physical motion, dance and choreography in contemporary art. For 2021, it approached artist Aleš Čermák with a request to create the respective content within the confines of dramatic and performing artforms.

The resultant project titled The Transversal Navigation (TTN), which GAMU has prepared in cooperation with Čermák, is divided into three interconnected blocks that will take place during the entire year (March–April: Strange Homelessness: Dream as an Actual Practice; July–August: In Reality, We No Longer Communicate with the World; and November–December: A Community at the Moment of Disintegration). This is a long-term, performance/education platform that focuses on a shift into a different global state of reality – meaning into a different way of being in the same world.

GAMU’s principal objectives:

GAMU currently offers the option of visiting its exhibits online. More information and the current programme is available at and on the Gallery’s official Facebook and Instagram profiles (@galerieamu)


10. February 2021