Instructions from the Dean of HAMU on faculty operations from Wednesday 25.11.2020

Dear students and esteemed colleagues,

Based on a decision by the Government of the Czech Republic in connection with the PES anti-epidemic system, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic has permitted the easing of certain measures currently in effect. Valid from Wednesday 25.11.2020, arts education for the final years, i.e. for students of the third year (graduates of bachelor’s studies) and fifth year (graduates of master’s studies) can be held in the school’s spaces in groups of at most 20 students. Students of all years of doctoral studies will also be able to visit the faculty for the purpose of realising their ISP. Individual consulting will also be permitted for students of other years.

For the teaching or individual consultation for the individual years, this means:

a) graduating years for bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral study programmes: instruction in the arts in groups of up to 20 students - this applies to the Department of Nonverbal Theatre, Department of Dance, Department of Jazz Interpretation and Department of Chamber Music Performance; it does not apply to the Opera Directing Section of the Department of Voice and Opera Directing due to the impossibility of adhering to the hygienic measures when practising operas, etc.

b) all years: individual consultation with teachers of the main field in the format of at most 1 teacher, 1 student and, if necessary, 1 accompanist.

c) preparation for individual consultations: in the format of at most 1 student and, if necessary, 1 accompanist. Students can only use the classrooms or practice rooms of their department. The departments will decide whether or not they will use the existing reservation systems for individual consultations and for their preparation.

d) the teaching all of theoretical subjects: remains in remote (online) format for all years. Teachers may use the faculties technical facilities for these lessons.

During their entire stay in the faculty buildings, the teachers and students are obliged to maintain all hygienic directives, in particular covering their mouth and nose (this does not apply to players of instruments and singers when performing), social distancing of at least 2 metres and regular disinfection of hands.
I am sure that even such a small easing of the restrictions will be good news for most of us and I am keeping my fingers crossed for more positive news to follow as soon as possible. Other technical/organisational/administrative instructions: Access to the Faculty will only be possible through the gates at the Liechtenstein or Hartig palaces.

All concerts and other artistic events in HAMU’s spaces remain cancelled. On-site administration will be restricted to the most urgent support. The office hours are set from Monday to Thursday, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., with teams A and B continuing to take turns. Communication via email or phone is highly preferred. Any necessary personal consultation between the teachers and administrative staff will take place during the aforementioned office hours, solely on the basis of a prior appointment made by phone.

The Study Department will be accessible from Tuesday to Thursday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., though only by prior arrangement by email sent to or

Prof. Ivan Klánský, Dean of HAMU


20. November 2020