Guidelines issued by the Dean of HAMU to reduce the risk of the occurrence and spread of covid-19

­– updated 29 september 2020

In line with the City of Prague Public Health Authority’s regulation in effect from 21 September 2020, and in view of the fact that provided certain conditions are observed, the prohibition on students being physically present during teaching at universities does not extend to e.g. clinical and practical training and practice, individual visits to libraries and study rooms, individual consultations, rehearsals, and laboratory, experimental or artistic work, the Dean’s Guidelines applicable from 3 September 2020 have been updated and extended as follows:

-updated (applicable from 29 september 2020):

Operational rules for teaching, final examinations, entrance EXAMINATIONS, etc.

Public theatre and dance performances, concerts, etc.

Liechtenstein and Hartig Palace opening hours


The following remain in force (since 3 september 2020):

Rules for shared internal areas of hAMU facilities

Organisational measures for HAMU staff

Rules for sessions of the collective bodies

Halls of residence

Special recommendation for students’ extracurricular activities: for the sake of their studies, students should consider whether there is any need for them to spend their evenings in places where there is a higher risk of infection (bars, clubs, etc.).


Admitting foreign nationals for economic or educational activities

Procedure for HAMU students and staff in the event of symptoms of an infectious viral disease

Operation of the LP reception rooms and the Inspirace Theatre

CAFÉ HAMU opening hours

Any exemptions from these guidelines are subject to approval by the Dean of the faculty.

I thank you all for cooperating and complying with all of these rules, and for behaving responsibly.

Professor Ivan Klánský
Dean of HAMU

24 September 2020

2. October 2020