Preventive measures for reducing the risk of occurrence and spread of COVID-19

Considering the deterioration of the epidemiologic situation and with a view to reducing the risk of spreading the infection, I am hereby issuing an ordinance for Faculties and organisational sections of AMU to observe the measures described below, with effect from 2 September of this year:

General rules; moving about and staying in shared internal areas of AMU facilities

Public theatre and dance performances, concerts, film screenings

Teaching; registration for higher years of study


Dining facilities

International business trips and holidays; Erasmus stays

Admitting foreigners for economic or educational activities

Procedure to follow in the event of developing virus disease symptoms

Any employees or students who develop (even mild) symptoms corresponding to the COVID-19 disease, including but not limited to body temperature of 37 °C or higher, coughing, breathing difficulties, digestive difficulties, loss of the sense of taste or smell and overall weakness, shall report this to their general practitioner using means of remote communication and to AMU using an e-mail message sent to the Dean’s secretariat and the Rector’s secretariat, or to the head of their workplace if a workplace serving the entire university are involved; this obligation stems from Section 106(3) and (4) of the Labour Code for employees and, in conjunction with Section 391(4) of the Labour code, for students as well; in the event of suspicion of the disease, an unscheduled (labour) medical examination may be ordered under Section of Regulation No. 79/2013.

Persons displaying symptoms of an infectious virus disease shall seek medical help and shall not enter AMU premises. Unless they are medically recognised as temporarily incapable of work, they shall deliver on their working or study obligations from home (home office, e-learning, self-study).

The above preventive measures are effective from 2 September 2020 until revoked.

I thank everyone for their cooperation, observance of all rules and responsible conduct.

Associate Professor Jan Hančil, M.P.




1. September 2020