The rules of travel to the Czech Republic relaxed from 1.7.2020

On 30 June, the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic relaxed the rules of travel to the Czech Republic. The new rules come to effect on 1 July 2020.

1. Important notices


2. Entry into the territory of the Czech Republic

The rules for entering the territory of the Czech Republic and quarantine measures are defined by the Ministry of Health (pdf, 135 kB). Information regarding entry to other countries is the responsibility of the embassies in the countries of destination and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Quarantine measures and RT-PCR test conditions are the responsibility of the Ministry of Health.

The activities of diplomatic missions of the Czech Republic are gradually resumed. Depending on the epidemiological situation, the conditions for entry into the Czech Republic will also be gradually relaxed. More detailed information regarding the stay of third country nationals in the Czech Republic can be found here.



1. July 2020