Dear Students, Teachers and Faculty Staff,

First I would like to extend my heartfelt greetings to you all.

This is to inform you that, based on the developing situation, the Czech Government has eased some of the restrictions imposed on university classes due to the pandemic and, in response, I have issued the guidelines below. I ask all of you to observe these instructions and conditions, which will be updated as the Government makes further announcements. Only by strict adherence to these guidelines can this new, less stringent regimen be implemented.

Students in their final year of study can, as part of their diploma work, attend the Music and Dance Faculty and use the premises of the school to attend their classes, work on their major subject or hold individual consultations with their advisor, provided strict hygiene rules are observed.
The easing of restrictions will pertain particularly to the following groups:
-  Students of the third year of the Bachelor’s programme who have still not executed their performance or concert or are preparing to take the entrance exams to the relevant Master’s programme
- Students of the second year of the Master’s programme who plan to graduate this year and still have not executed their performance or concert.

Class format
During class or consultations, the following rules on the maximum number of people in a classroom shall apply:
- In music fields, three people maximum (teacher, student, répétiteur)
- In dance fields, five people maximum (including teacher and, if required, répétiteur)
Students may not practice in classrooms without a teacher being present!

Necessary technical restrictions and guidelines:
-  The faculty will be open for the above lessons or consultations from Monday, 20 April, to Friday, 24 April 2020 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Access to classes or consultations is not possible outside these hours.
- The teacher of the major subject must provide the faculty secretary (, at least one day in advance, with a list of the names of the persons who will be attending the class or consultation [teacher, répétiteur, student(s)] along with a precise schedule. Individuals will be permitted to enter the building based on this information. The purpose of this measure is provide the faculty with the necessary overview of the classes taking place and with the information required in case of a check of adherence to the recommendations laid down by the Czech Ministry Health for easing the restrictions.
- When arriving at Lichtenštejnský  palác/Lichtenstein Palace (the reception at Hartigovský palác/Hartig Palace remains closed) , each student shall present their ISIC card and, when entering for the first time, fill in and sign a declaration of honour about not being infectious. If a student has the possibility of printing the form at home, they can bring it already filled in and signed and only hand it in at reception. The form is available in electronic form on the HAMU website and in paper form at the Lichtenštejnský  palác/Lichtenstein Palace reception. Students must be free of the acute symptoms typical for viral infection (e.g., fever, cough, breathlessness, sudden loss of taste and smell, etc,) and must not be subject to quarantine. Warning: providing false or misleading information during the emergency may result in severe fines!
- After class, students must leave the faculty building immediately and report their departure again at reception.
-  Teachers act as guarantors of the observance of the hygiene rules recommended by the Czech Ministry of Health in connection with the Government Decree of 14 April 2020: mandatory protection of the upper respiratory tract while on faculty grounds (wearing a face mask), mandatory disinfection of hands before classes and maintaining a distance of at least two metres between individuals, both in classrooms and in common areas on faculty grounds.

The Rector of the Academy of Performing Arts has exempted students of the Voice and Opera Directing Department and the Woodwind and Brass Instruments Department from wearing a facemask, but only when playing their instruments and only if positioned at least five metres from the nearest person. For this reason, the Gallery will be reserved for the Woodwind and Brass Instruments Department and the Orchestra Hall for the Voice and Opera Directing Department, as these premises make adherence to the prescribed distancing easier.

- Teachers may, to the extent practicable, book rooms for classes or consultations using the electronic reservation system.

-  The HAMU library will be open during the emergency only to students working on their diplomas and only to take out materials.  Moreover, library access must be arranged in advance by phone. Please check the HAMU Library section of the HAMU website for more details or contact the Head Librarian at with any questions or requests.

Based on the Rector’s recommendation, teachers who are more than 70 years old should safeguard their health and consider carefully whether it would not be more prudent to have their younger faculty colleagues or PhD students take over classes for them temporarily.

Administration regimen
HAMU administrative staff shall continue following the work regimen that has been in place to date. They will be in charge of all administrative business and deadlines.

I would like to thank everyone in advance for observing the rules above and wish you much health during this difficult time.

Prague, 16 April 2020

Prof. Ivan Klánský
Dean, HAMU

21. April 2020