Performing Arts Management - a new course in English for HAMU, FAMU & DAMU!

Are you an aspiring artist weary and fearful of self-promotion or raising money for your projects? Are you lost in the vast sea of agencies, rules and regulations? Whatever your field of study at AMU is, being able to organize and create your own brand is key knowledge in the world of culture!

Gain basic information about the organization of culture in the Czech Republic, basics of self management, managing cultural projects, financial literacy and fundraising!

Course code: 110 PAM (offered by HAMU)

Credits: 2

Form: Once-a-month intensive course

Dates: 28.2., 27.3., 24.4. a 15.5. 2020

More info in KOS !


Course has been created within the OPVVV project at HAMU.

23. January 2020